Product Quality FAQs:

Authenticity is a core value of 99rpm. Not only products but in everything we do each day. This value sets us apart and helps us focus on ensuring peace of mind for each customer. To make it easy to identify the quality of product you are buying, first two words of product description mention quality level.

  • Genuine OE:  These products are marked as Genuine OE (or Maker Genuine) along with the applicable logo.  Such products come directly from vehicle manufacturer
  • Aftermarket: Few products on 99rpm are aftermarket products from brands other than vehicle manufacturer. These products are clearly marked as aftermarket. Since the quality of aftermarket product varies a lot we mentioned quality level like Economy, Standard & Premium in increasing order of quality. A premium tag is assigned to aftermarket brands with a strong history of quality and dedicated aftermarket support channel to address all aftersales quality issues. To make the segregation clear, we never mention word "Genuine" with aftermarket products.


 Following are some of the frequent questions on quality:

Q1: Do you sell genuine products only?

Ans: As mentioned in above section, each product has it's quality mentioned. For example, if it says, "Mazda Genuine" then it means that this product is from Mazda for all Mazda vehicles.  On the other hand, if a product mentions "Aftermarket", it is coming from an independent brand is NOT a vehicle manufacturer.  The name of the brand or source will be mentioned with each aftermarket product. We encourage you to know more about the aftermarket brands before purchasing their products.


 Q2:    I am buying a  Vehicle brand's Genuine product for my car, can you please tell from which make it is?

Ans: You probably want to know the name of supplier/factory from where the product has been sourced. Frankly speaking, we do not know. A Vehicle Brand's Genuine product comes in sealed packing so most of the time, it is not possible for us to look in it.  Secondly, it is totally up to a brand to decide on how and where they get their products from and it would be unfair for us to make any claim in this matter. 


Q3: I just bought a new Genuine product of Vehicle brand from 99rpm and it looks/feels slightly different than what my car already has, I am wondering whether it is really genuine?

Ans: Again, Each manufacturer decides how and when quality should be changed for products. Although we do not know about the exact reason of change however we would like to believe that it is to make a better product and this is an engineering process built into their systems to continuously review & evolve each product for improved key parameters. Some of the reasons of quality changes could be following (but not limited to):

  1. Changing product to a totally new design for improved reliability e.g. changing a plastic component to metal
  2. Reducing variants of a product for the end of cycle vehicles.
  3. Quality changes/improvements due to change in production facility, localization
  4. Regular/planned quality changes.

Q4: Why do I see more than one product codes in the name of one product code?

Ans: Each brand can decide & change product codes from time to time. In some case (depending upon internal creteria) it creates a series of alternative product codes all of which point to the same product. If you order such a product, you will be delivered a product with one of the matching code. It is also likely that in some cases, a new product code would mean improvements over old compatible products. So, it might also explain if you see a difference in quality/design of products w.r.t the one originally fitted in your car. (refer Q #3 above)


Q5: Will I receive all products in an untempered packing of brands?

Ans: Yes except in the cases of items which are sold by brands in packs or multiples. For example, some screws and clips come in minimum packing size of 5 or 10. If you order less than minimum packing size, it will be shipped in a transparent packaging. However, it is only in case of 5% of products we ship. Irrespective of packaging, product code will always be mentioned on the packaging to help you identify the product you ordered.

99rpm Promise: Each product at 99rpm is shipped with original untempered packing ( same is expected when we receive a returned product). Each packing typically contains product prices along with address/phone/email of the manufacturer. It is one of the first & most visible steps we take to ensure that you always have a chance directly connect with the manufacturer for warranty and quality concerns you might have.  More often than not, you can contact us at and we would help resolve your query faster.